John Griffiths

Teacher and Football Maestro

John Griffiths hails from the sunny island of Jersey, Channel Islands.  He has a degree in math and a post-grad certificate in education.  John started his career teaching math for five years at a private prep school in southern England. “Tiring of being a pawn to the unelected elite,” John quit after the death of his father and went to volunteer with VE Global in Santiago, Chile, where he worked in a home for abused and abandoned children. Liking Latin America, he decided to stay.  After studying Spanish and traveling throughout Latin America, John ended up in Chiapas, Mexico.  There he taught 4th grade and math at an alternative school for more than three years.

In 2014 John spent a few months volunteering with Education Plus. Feeling a greater sense of fulfillment serving the poor, John left his job in Chiapas and moved to Nicaragua in order to teach at Education Plus for the long-term in 2015.  Since then, John has vowed to work only for the poor and disenfranchised, believing in education as a means for positive social change and ultimately a fairer distribution of resources.  At our program facility, Casa de los Sueños, John teaches an all-subject reinforcement class and spends his time after class playing soccer with our students.

 Below: John and his “Zebras” class.Nica 16 Compressed (188 of 976)b