Salvador Peña

Salvador Peña, a Granada native, joins our team as Community Relations Coordinator and administrator. With a background in Computer Engineering, English, and tourism, Savlador graduated from the University de Occident in 2016.

Salvador now takes on many roles here at Casa de los Sueños. He spends time individually tutoring students, assisting with administrative tasks, running errands, coordinating activities and field trips, growing community partnerships, and bookkeeping, among a myriad of other tasks.

Salvador’s addition to the Education Plus Team has allowed us to increase our capacity and expand our services to the children that we serve. While working with children is a new experience for Salvador, he enjoys the opportunity.  He states, “I like to work at Education Plus because of the calm environment, each day I learn something new. I like to be able to teach and give advice to younger students so that they can avoid the mistakes that I made as a kid. The students are caring, inspiring and respectful.”