Gloria Rodriguez

Gloria Rodriguez is an experienced teacher and a wonderful addition in helping to expand our preschool program and literacy program.

Gloria was born in and raised in the country’s capital, Managua, where she was left in the care of her elder sister at a very young age. She studied to become a teacher at one of Nicaragua’s most well know teaching universities, Escuela Normal Ricardo Aviles, in Jinotepe and then finished her degree in Managua.

Gloria began her career as a teacher working in various different schools in Managua for the Ministry of Education. In 2013, she joined the staff of Granada International School, where she worked as a first grade and preschool teacher.

After four years with Granada International School, Gloria decided to join us at Education Plus, where she now serves the community as a preschool, first grade and literacy teacher. She feels satisfied with her work at Casa de los Sueños because of the our hollistic approach to education.   What she likes most about her job is being able to feel proud of her students’ progress, because she feels that she has the opportunity to serve as an agent of change in each student’s personal and academic development. Gloria states, “As a teacher I am able to give my students the self-confidence that they need to learn; that they are intelligent and that they can create their own thoughts and responses to questions.”  We are so happy to have such a creative and passionate teacher as part of our program!