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New! Education Plus Coronavirus Crisis Wishlist

Nicaragua is currently facing the worst food insecurity we have seen in all of our years due to an uncontrolled Coronavirus Pandemic. Unemployment is close to 90% in our community and prices for food have skyrocketed. While Nicaragua is not the only country where people are at risk of dying of hunger because of the Coronavirus crisis, the difference is that we have the opportunity to be able to put food directly into the hands of those at risk of dying from sickness and malnutrition.

For this reason we have put together a “wishlist” for those who wish to help specifically with our Coronavirus efforts. Thank you for your life-changing support!

$3,000 will provide 200 families/approx. 1,500 people with one-month’s worth of dry and fresh food

$2,000 will provide 200 families/approx. 1,500 people with a 25lb bag of rice each

$300 will provide 2 liters of milk each for 200 children ages 6 and under

$160 will provide one face mask to each of our students and staff participating in food distribution

$120 will pay for one bar of antibacterial soap for each of our students

$50 will provide 1,200 bananas during a community food distribution (half a dozen bananas per family)

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You can also click    to make a donation or via check to:

Education Plus Nicaragua

2605 Marhill Dr

Wilmington, DE 19810, USA

Education Plus Nicaragua is a USA 501(c)3 and all donations are tax deductible in the United States whether made via check or online.

“I’ve seen my share of foundations in Nicaragua and, in my opinion, nobody does a better job with their resources than Education Plus Nicaragua.” – Gary Wendt, CEO of Nicaraguan Baseball Academy and ongoing donor

What your donation provides:


$1 = 2 dozen bananas

$5 = 20 small notebooks


$10 = 20 pairs of scissors

$20 = 150 pencils


$50 = 6 quality backpacks

$80 = one class field trip

$150 =  Textbooks for a class of 20

Education Plus is committed to sustainable low overhead operations with lifelong impact.

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