The median income of the poor in Nicaragua covers only 24% of the cost of the basic food basket. - World Food Program

A typical weekday meal at Education Plus: Fortified soy cake, three vegetable salad, rice, and red beans

Education Plus has served over 280,000 meals since 2012.  That is 280,000 hunger-free nights, or 767 years of suffering alleviated.

We believe that access to food is a basic human right and that no child should suffer from preventable hunger.   Thanks to you, our donors, and our nutritional partners, all of our students have received at least one hot, nutritious meal, one banana, and one glass of milk or fresh fruit juice every weekday since 2012.  For 20% of our children, this is the only meal they receive on any given day.  This provides the nutrition that children need to learn, grow, and develop.