Our Model and Metrics

“You can achieve incredible progress if you set a clear goal and find a measure that will drive progress towards that goal” – Bill Gates



For literacy testing, we use the IDELS, which are the spanish equivalent of the DIBELS.  Students are tested from K up through the 3rd grade reading level with 3 subcategories for placement.

For English, we use grade based assessments upon entry and twice per year.

For behaviour, we use a 30 point report card based on the United States Common Core State Standards 

For pre-school we use the Nicaraguan Government Pre-school test, a 10 point scale to gauge cognitive development of children 5 and under. There are three levels.

We use the Nicaraguan Poverty Scorecard for all of our children. Developed by the Grameen Bank and country specific, this allows us to calculate our children’s economic circumstances to a dollar amount per day, as well as providing us with qualitative data.

All children are weighed upon enrollment and a minimum of twice per year afterwards.  We keep detailed attendance records allowing us to calculate retention, class size, male/female ratio, age statistics, and numbers of meals consumed since 2012.