“If you work for Education Plus you have to be aware of the fact that you have huge responsibilities.  If you are willing to really get involved, to work hard and to make a change, you will see the full impact the project has on the kids, because YOU made it possible.  So if you decide to volunteer with Education Plus, consider it as a real “job”. Trust me, it will be worth it, because once you see these kids smile, you will never forget it.” – Leonie, Germany

Thinking about Volunteering in Nicaragua?  Come Join Us!

We welcome and very much need volunteers of all ages and nationalities to work with us!  We are always accepting volunteers to fill the following roles:

General Volunteers (teaching, sports, office, etc.)
Reading Tutor (one-on-one and small group instruction)
Minimum commitment 3 months. Full-time. Beginner Spanish o.k.
Social worker 
Minimum commitment 3 months. Full or part-time. Intermediate Spanish required.

To become a volunteer, please contact info@eduplusnicaragua.org.  When writing, include the dates you are considering, what type of volunteering you would like to do, your language capabilities, and a bit about your relevant background.

We also welcome day visitors for Barrio Tours so you can learn about our program and life in the community.  During this day, we can also schedule sponsored activities at the program such as an art day or special meal.  To arrange a day at the program, please contact jim@eduplusnicaragua.org.  For more information on Barrio Tours, CLICK HERE.

Granada, Nicaragua

Granada on Loneley PlanetIMGP2114

Most volunteers choose to live in the colonial center of the city of Granada.  Volunteers can live on as little as $200 per month, depending on lodging choice, however we recommend budgeting at least $400 a month if you want to travel and go out.  Rents in Granada range from $60 – $400+ per month.  It is a 20 cord ($0.60) taxi ride or a 15 minute bike ride from Granada to the project.  Granada is located approximately 45 minutes from the capital of Managua, 2 hours from the beach and 3 hours from the Costa Rica border.