Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a Child Monthly         $49 per month  

Sponsor 2 Children Monthly        $98 per month  

Sponsor 4 Children Monthly        $196 per month

Sponsor a Child for a Year           $670 per year

* Yearly child sponsorship includes uniform, shoes, and other necessities at Christmas, plus a special birthday gift each year.  For more on Christmas gifts, CLICK HERE

Make a Donation      You choose the amount and/or number of children you support

You can also make a donation through Paypal to donate@eduplusnicaragua.org, or via check made out to EDUCATION PLUS NICARAGUA and mailed to: Education Plus Nicaragua, 2605 Marhill Drive, Wilmington, DE 19810-2403.  Just write “Education Plus Child Sponsorship” in the memo line. All receipts for tax deduction purposes are issued at the end of the year.


Child Sponsorship FAQ
Nicaragua 1784How much does my child sponsorship cost?
$40 per month.
What does this money pay for?
Your sponsorship pays the tuition for your child to attend our educational program, providing essential services, at no cost to that child.  When you sponsor a child, you are providing a scholarship for that child.
Can I pick my child?
If you would like to request a specific child, we will be happy to match you with that child if he or she does not already have a sponsor. Otherwise, let us know if you have a preference for a boy or a girl and we will select your child based on need (generally, time spent on our waiting list).
What are my donation options?
You can donate online at www.eduplusnicaragua.org/sponsor-a-child via credit card with our one-time or monthly recurring payment options, with PayPal3 to our account: donate@eduplusnicaragua.org, or via check in the US made out and sent to: Neighbors to Nicaragua, 2605 Marhill Drive, Wilmington, DE 19810-2403. Just write “Education Plus Child Sponsorship” in the memo line.
What should I expect after making my donation?
You should expect to receive your Child Sponsorship Welcome Pack within 48 hours of us receiving your initial donation. This packet includes information about child sponsorship, as well as information and a photo about your specific child. You will also be automatically added to our e-mail newsletter, which comes out once a month and shares stories about the program, photos, and updates about the children. Sponsors should also expect to receive two letters per year from their child (or drawings, in the case of children who cannot yet write) and one progress report and (at least one) photo of their child yearly in the month of December.
How often will I receive communication from my child?
You will receive two letters (or drawings, from young children), photos and one year-end progress report per year. You will receive these via e-mail or direct mail, depending on your preferences. In addition, you can send your child responses to their letters via e-mail to info@eduplusnicaragua.org, with your child’s name in the subject line. We then print them and give them to your child, providing translation if they are written in English.
Nicaragua 0834Can I meet my child?
Yes, of course! We would be delighted to have you as our guest at our program facility, Casa de Los Sueños, where you can meet your sponsored child.
What happens if my child drops out of the program?
In the rare instance that your child decides to discontinue with the program, his or her sponsorship will automatically transfer to a child from our waiting list.  You will be notified of this transfer and will then have the opportunity to decide if you would like to continue to sponsor this child.
Will my child have multiple sponsors?
No. Every $40 monthly sponsorship will cover all of the basic needs of exactly one student, as detailed above and in your welcome pack.
Can I still make a general donation to Education Plus if I do not want to sponsor a specific child?
Yes! All donations that we will receive outside of child sponsorship will go directly to sustaining our preschool program and providing interim support for entering children and children whose sponsors decide to discontinue.
Can I cancel my sponsorship?  What happens to my child if I cancel his or her sponsorship?
Yes, anytime. Just send us a message and we will cancel any future payments. Please note that we cannot offer partial refunds for 1-year sponsorships paid in full, as this has guaranteed a child’s place in our program for an entire year.  Generally, your child will remain in the program for at least a month while we search for a new sponsor, after which he or she will go back on the waiting list..

Questions?  Just contact us at info@eduplusnicaragua.org

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