Semana Santa Celebrations

A Very Happy Easter

Easter week is a very festive time in Nicaragua with lots of parades and parties. With the gracious and generous sponsorship of the Davison family from Washington, DC, the students of Education Plus were treated to their very own Easter Fiesta!!

The dance music started shortly after 10 in the morning, the line of kids for the “Moonwalk Bounce House” was long, you could smell the cotton candy and popcorn in the air, along with the chatter and laughter of over 100 very happy children and many of their parents.









One of many highlights of the party was the Dance Contest. There were contests for different age groups as well as one for the staff and volunteers. What a hoot!!  It seems that Education Plus has some pretty talented dancers!


Staff and volunteers dancing to the endless amusement of the rest of the community

Along with the popcorn and cotton candy, the students were served boxed juice drinks and snacks.  Even more exciting, the children received copies of the photos taken of themselves over the last three months, which they are always anxious to receive. To have more than a photo or two of oneself is a rare thing in Pantanal, so the kids are ecstatic when we give them photos.  Finally, to top it all off, at the end of the party, all of the students were presented with Easter gifts that were donated by friends, family, and classmates of the Davisons.  Other than Christmas, we do not usually just give things away to the children, but rather we give them the opportunity to “earn” toys, clothes, and school supplies though good attendance and behavior.  A holiday like Easter, however, was a good excuse for us to depart a bit from the normal rules.

Muchas Gracias to the Davisons and a big thank you to Jordan Lerum from California for bringing down bunny and froggie ears and over 500 photos to the children at our Semana Santa party.  A big thank you also to all of our volunteers and the locals who helped make this party come together for the children.

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Jexael, Gabi, and Jenner with their friend Jordan Lerum

Jexael, Gabi, and Jenner with their friend Jordan Lerum