Visit from Neighbors to Nicaragua

Friday, July 5, and Monday, July 8 Education Plus received a visit from Chuck Selvaggio, Michael Lucey, and Michael Garcia of Neighbors to Nicaragua.  Neighbors to Nicaragua is an American/Nicaraguan organization that started in 2011 to help the at-risk children of Nicaragua through the promotion of education, the support of the permanent shelter, and the the provision of food to hungry children.   Rather than giving funds out or running their own programs,  Neighbors to Nicaragua has chosen to partner with organizations sharing their same mission and already operating in Nicaragua but in need of assistance.  Twice a year, at least one representative from N2N travels to Nicaragua and personally goes with those for whom funds are intended to purchase supplies, pay rent, help with school and medical needs, etc.

Neighbors to Nicaragua became aware of Education Plus through one of it’s board members, a local Granadino named Michael Garcia, who met Executive Director Monica Loveley in Granada in 2012.

The story of N2N’s visit is best told through their eyes and the words of Chuck Selvaggio:

We arrived on Friday with a suitcase filled by Greg Stephens, one of our donors, with new clothing, school supplies, and hygiene products.

Chuck Selvaggio shows donations to volunteer Isabel Proell

On Monday we spent the day responding to the needs as we could.  We met Francis (at teacher) and the accountant, Amanda at 10:30 and spent over an hour in Gonper, the school-supply store in Granada. We ended up buying a good number of supplies for the children which we brought back to the school.




In addition to the school supplies, we needed to build a walkway from the class area to the latrine. Currently, it is all dirt. When it rains, it turns to mud. We also needed to extend the roof overhang to maximize the shade and minimize the mud further. We went to buy the construction supplies. We started here to buy the laminates and cement.  Then, onto the lumber yard for the wood.  We went to another place to buy gravel and sand for the gravel. Then, onto a food warehouse and the local budget supermarket to buy and deliver supplies for the children:


Mike Lucey and Michael Garcia carrying out roofing to cover the back eating area


Michael Garcia helping to carry in 100lb bags of beans!


N2N at the lumberyard purchasing more construction supplies

12 cases of milk, beans, veggies, cooking oil, and more

12 cases of milk, beans, veggies, cooking oil, and more

Neighbors to Nicaragua plans on continuing to support Education Plus and the children of Pantanal for the long term.  We were so happy to host Chuck, Michael L. and Michael G. at the project and are extremely grateful for their truly impactful efforts.  We look forward to posting photos of the results of the construction soon!  Gracias N2N!


Chuck Selvaggio interacting with the students on Friday activity day

For more information on Neighbors to Nicaragua see: