Education Plus Report Cards

Effecting Change: Concrete Results in Just 6 Months

Of the 22 students that submitted their 2012 year-end report cards to us and that have attended our program for at least one quarter, 12 showed improvement and 7 maintained their grades – an astounding achievement in Nicaragua, where student’s grades generally start to deteriorate in the second half of first grade until they eventually drop out. The most profound changes appeared in the grades of our most regular attendees who have studied with us for two quarters, some who have gone from failing to top of their class.

Success!  Below are a few examples of our student’s report cards:

8 year old Prisila was failing second grade before she started in our program. After 6 months with our program, she is now amazingly earning perfect notes in math and reading/writing.

6 year old Andy was at high risk of not passing first grade. In six months of supplemental tutoring he has improved his math and readin/writing scores by 50 – 55 percentage points!

Keyla is another one of our students with excellent and attendance. In 6 months her grades have jumped 40 points in math and 30 in reading and writing. As her teacher has written: Great job on your improvement Keyla!

Francisco is consistently one of our best students. His teacher has written on his second grade report card: I hope you stay in school! We at Education Plus will do our best to help Francisco in this endeavor.

Prisila studying with the help of one of our dedicated volunteers