Luis Vasquez


15873523_1174611345927446_2439092607958777195_nLuis joined the Education Plus team in June of 2016.  He began by teaching one reinforcement class and is currently charged with four classes.  In addition to advanced reinforcement, Luis now teaches two literacy classes and one preschool class.  Luis says that his goal is to educate and nurture his students.  He tells us:

“A phrase that I enjoy is, ‘querer es poder’ or ‘to dream is to achieve.’  My experience with Education Plus has been unique because in Casa de los Sueños we don’t only focus on academic help, we also teach our students values and discipline so they can live in a better future and they can share it with their families.”

Luis is a former student of Chavalos Nicas, where he studied English and the Bible.  He has studied Engineering and Accounting at the National University of Engineering of Nicaragua (UNI), where he attended on scholarship.  He is currently taking advanced English courses at Central American University (UCA) in Managua and wants to return to university in order to earn his teaching degree.  He wishes to specialize in teaching math.  Luis hails from a humble, hard-working local family and is the first in his family to graduate from High School.