Keeley Walsh

Associate Director and Program Coordinator

Our hard-working Associate Director/Program Coordinator Keeley Walsh hails from Seattle, WA, USA.  She and her family first came down to join Education Plus as volunteers from fall 2013 – spring 2014.  After falling in love with the country and the children, Keeley returned to Education Plus as part of the full-time staff, in 2016.

Keeley is a full-time on-site administrator at Casa de los Sueños, our program facility.  She juggles a wide variety of responsibilities, including general program oversight, volunteer scheduling, home visits, standardized testing, parents’ meetings, activity planning, matriculation, medical issues, inventory management, attendance, and child relationships.  She is the key on-site point person from Monday – Friday, and manages a the team of interns and on-staff program assistants.  Needless to say, Keeley is extremely organized and the point person for both the children and the entire team.

Keeley states that she feels lucky to have a job that allows her to have a positive impact on the day to day lives of children.   In her words:

“I really enjoy being able to see how the school has made concrete changes in the lives of our students; seeing a child learn to read, or earn an academic scholarship really makes one feel like all the work is completely worth it. Also gaining the trust of students and knowing that they feel that they can go to you for advice is something that I really enjoy. Not to mention their smiling faces each day are more than enough to keep me coming back forever. Now that all sounded really cheesy but in all honesty I do feel like I have the best job in the world. It’s easy to see how important the program has become for the community and it is exciting to be able to be part of it.”

Associate Director Keeley Walsh in 2014