John Primm

 Board Secretary

Having a Tiger by the Tail

John Primm grew up outside of St. Louis in Clayton, Missouri.  John studied at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas and Colorado College, where he was a member of the varsity soccer and lacrosse teams. Entering the business world after first his time in U. Mo Law School and The United States Army Reserves, most of his career was spent in the investment business as a municipal bond trader for N.Y.S.E. firms.  As  a member of the Colorado business community, John has served on several nonprofit boards and has taught Blind and Adaptive skiing for 25 years on a volunteer basis.  In 2006 he retired to Costa Rica, where currently resides and works as an ESL instructor.

John Previously spending his breaks volunteering at an orphanage in Cambodia and found it very rewarding.

Looking for something closer to home, John became interested in Education Plus after a visit to the school as a volunteer during one of his semester breaks, where he was inspired by the children and the organization’s mission.  Since then he has been a steadfast supporter and repeat visitor to Education Plus, providing the organization with endless support and key operations advice.  Education Plus is grateful to John for his expert opinions, constructive critical feedback, and steadfast guidance.


John with the kids

John with the kids