Jose Luis

Jose Lopez, 8

Jose Lo

Short story about Jose Luis, October 2013, by Dissa Ahdanisa

Dissa and Jose Luis

Dissa and Jose Luis

It was sunny and hot in Pantanal, and the kids were having their English class with Francis, the beloved teacher. Like other volunteers, I was helping some of the kids finishing their exercise. We went to some tables to sit down and help them if they have some questions. We were doing numbers in English. Professor Francis wrote down some number and the kids had to write it in English. Some kids did know what they were doing, so they came to us to confirm their answers, which mostly were correct. However, some weren’t that fortunate. They didn’t know how to say the numbers in English, let alone write them down. And José Lopez was one of them.

This cute 8 year old boy can write well and understand the what he needed to do to finish the exercise. He can spell 1-10 in english, he can say 100, 200 and other big numbers, but when we mix it, e.g 432 or 215, he gets confused. Instead of writing “two hundred fifteen”, he wrote “twenty one five”. So to finish his exercise, I tried to explain (with my broken spanish, of course) to him what to write and how to say “215”.

There were 10 questions and although it was a bit slow, we managed to finish all. He looked very happy and I was too! Not only because I get to help him finish, but also because I get to learn how to say these numbers in Spanish, win win indeed! 😉

Anyway, what I didnt expect was at the end of the class, he came to me and gave me a folded paper. He didn’t say anything and left straight away after I took the paper. I read it and this is what he wrote:

Jose Luis's love letter to Dissa

Jose Luis’s love letter to Dissa

Te mando esta carta y este corazon
(I send you this letter and this heart)

Te amo Dissa mucho mas
(I love you Dissa so much)

Jose y Dissa
(Jose and Dissa)

Te mando esta carta porque te quiero mucho mas.
(I sent you this letter because I love you very much)

Te amo mucho mas y te mando esta estrellas.
(I love you very much and I send you these stars)

Te amo mucho
(I love you so much)

Guess what? It’s a love letter! Yay! Hahaha I got my first love letter from José :). He drew a heart, lots of stars, and our name in every available space.  He is such a sweetheart and his letter made my day. I didn’t know why our simple tutoring session can make him write this cute letter..


Jose Luis playing with Legos on activity day

Hearts Jose Luis drew for Dissa

Hearts Jose Luis drew for Dissa